Vintage clip earings, dots and one lost memory card

Winter is almost over, and I hope spring will be here very soon, the last few weeks were quite busy, I was also not able to post much as I lost my memory card - forever as I thought. Surprisingly I found it yesterday (after I got a new one..) and here are some of the almost-lost pictures. Few new things, a pair of vintage clip earings, and polka dots. Now it's time to get a new camera too.


Black lace dress - take two

Hello everyone, thank you for wishing me to get better, I think it's really helping as I am much better. Today it's time to post more pictures of my favourite recently lace dress you have already seen here. This time pictures were taken by my friend Ania from Going Inside blog (actually I should say "as usual" I think), and they are a part of few photo shoots I was happy to be a part of in January.


A blue skirt and a new bag

Thank you for all of the comments you have recently left me, I really appreciate them! I am getting better but can't say I'm healthy yet. These pictures were taken some time ago and somehow I haven't posted them until now. I bought this skirt in Reserved and was really happy as I like different shades of blue recently. A bag was on sale, which was a bonus as well, I still think I have too many bags and purses, but it's difficult to resist when you see something nice and the price is good too.


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