More new portraits in black and white

Finally, after a short break I am posting something new. I have been also thinking about changing the whole format of my blog. I haven't been feeling inspired recently, I still look for something that would make me to be as excitied about blogging as I used to be. When I find it, I will be here more often. 

Today more pictures taken by very talented Joanna Cierpikowska - thank you!


Japanese food and a little walk

It's been a while since I'm back from Brighton, but I still have so many pictures to post here. Today's pics were taken the other day when we went to the town to try japanese food at Wagamama.

I of course had to take pictures of flowers in the park, the weather was really lovely that day, sunny but not as hot as it is right now in Poland.

 The food was really good, I also liked the carrot juice a lot, very refreshing.

At the end of the day we went for a walk, vintage shops looked so different after dark.