A new portrait, taken by Ania from Going Inside blog.


1960's style Peter Pan collar dress and trying new make up ways

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I've been trying to post these pictures of a new dress for ages, but it was such a busy week. The dress is from Asos and it was a late Christmas gift from my friend Grant. I am so into 1960's recently, I want to have this kind of dresses in pink and mustard as well, started searching already (or I might try to sew them if I find a proper fabric). The pictures were taken on Monday, I also tried 60's make up that day, I normally don't use colorful eyeshadows, but I must say I'm starting to like it. I have also a new lipgloss, and that's something unusual to me too, I am a big fan of lipsticks, but trying the lipgloss was actually a nice experience and I think I will do it more often from now.


1950's green floral dress

I am happy to show you my latest Etsy purchase - 1950's green and black floral dress. I like velvet top and stiff skirt, and the dress fits me without resizing it - makes a change. Can't wait when spring comes so I can wear it outdoors!