Vintage summer dress project

 Some time ago I found this floral summer dress through my grandmother's clothes. It was a bit too large for me, but I altered and can't wait to wear it. I first thought it wouldn't suit me as I don't have red hair anymore (it looked really nice with warm hair tones), but now when I my hair is dark/medium brown I am planning to wear as soon as the weather is warm enough. 


The charm of spring

A little bit more blossoms pictures again, but I simply can't resist such beautiful trees are around, I must keep taking pictures. I edited them in a bit different way this time. Hope you like them (I noticed my sparkling cardigan from Primark works really well with sunlight and flowers). I am also very happy as in less than two weeks I am going to Brighton and to London for almost a week. Can't wait, will be so nice to go back to UK, it's been a while since I left it.

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Spring and butterflies and more blossoms too

It's been really cold here recently, but that didn't stop me to take more pictures with lovely blossoms. I wish we had more pink ones over here, but white flowers are beautiful too of course :) The dress I was wearing is very 40's style in my opinion, next time need to take more shots of the whole outfit.